Part of the Whole

Nature is always fascinating me. And the most amazing thing is how everything is connected. A biological cell, when seen through the microscope, may look totally like our planet Earth, seen from a plane. Different shapes, different surfaces, different structures – and suddenly you are amazed — they are identical to something else.

First I saw a maple leaf. And then my hand. It’s bones. On a second day I found a small seed. It’s shape reminded me some human gesture. Then I did a whole serie of five photographs, different parts of a plant: a seed, a root, a branch, a leaf, a fruit. And my hand. Human hand.

At every picture there is a group of four things. I used this technique to show every single thing as a part of some group to which I’m also belong. Everything you see at every picture is a part of the whole: human, plant or Nature, or some global divine providence. It is where I find my inspiration: we all are different, but we are all the same.