Lonely people, deep in their thoughts, blind-like, very emotional inside, though no one knows it. Look around and you’ll find them. But is it really a loneliness? It seem to me, there are always two voices here: a person and the City. There is a kind of relationship between them. It can be their secret date, «tete-a-tete». Or it can be like having an imaginary friend, talk to someone who is not yourself. For some people it become an obsession, for some — it is the only kind of friendly relationship they have. Still I would call it an introversion.

I started to take this pictures since I had my first digital camera, in 2005. Still this story is close to me. Beside the City, I am the second witness to this moments. And they are very dear to me.

Are this people happy? Or sad? Peaceful and calm? Or angry? Do they need someone to talk to? Or should we stay away and let them be? I’m still watching them and still don’t know the answer.