Fall of the leaves

ДатаSeptember – November, 2016
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An autumn is a time for thoughts. Time to reflect on your own life. To think about all the things that you’ve done and all the things you didn’t. Also it is a time when Nature is getting ready for the long winter sleep. Days become shorter and colder. Colour of the grass is fading, while the trees are brighter than in summer. From October to November all leaves will fall down to the ground. Their short life will come to an end. Sometimes we can’t stop thinking about ourselves that we are like those leaves… Days are shorter, they are going faster, we are too tired. We want to have rest. Want to sleep for the whole day… But still some of us will notice, how beautiful this season is. How calm and peaceful. How fresh is air. Some of us love to watch the fall of the leaves and others are afraid of it.

Every image in this series can be seen as a «fallen leaf» (at one picture — literally). We can decide what kind of «leaf» they are: beautiful, or lost, or dying. And also we see, how different are people’s feelings about autumn season in Nature or in their life. Some are calm and peaceful, and some looks worrisome, tired.

Published at PRIVATE Photo Review